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Donald Gray


  • Short Communication
    Effect of Slope Shape on Soil Erosion
    Author(s): Donald GrayDonald Gray

    Why do most natural slopes have curvilinear rather than planar profiles? What slope shape is best suited for minimizing erosion losses …. convex, concave, compound (convex-concave), or planar (uniform)? Why are most man-made slopes constructed with planar surfaces and uniform gradients? These are not trivial questions - perhaps no other variable affects the stability of slopes with regard to both surficial erosion and mass wasting as does topography or slope morphology. Topographic parameters normally considered in estimating soil erosion losses include inclination and length of slope. Surprisingly, slope shape is seldom if ever considered. Conceptual and mathematical models, as well as the results of laboratory tests and field observations, can be used to determine the effect of slope shape on both mass stability and resistance to rainfall erosion. .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-784X.1000231

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