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Chu Angus


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    The Possible Contribution of Chlorella vulgaris to Uptake High Concentration Carbon Dioxide to Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan.
    Author(s): Hosseini S and Chu AngusHosseini S and Chu Angus

    In November 2015, the Government of Alberta proposed the Climate Leadership Plan (CLP). It aims to reduce carbon emissions while diversifying Alberta’s economy and protecting the health and the environment. In this research, the possibility of the contribution of CLP and using Chlorella vulgaris (C. vulgaris) in different biomass concentration to sequester CO2 in the domestic wastewater effluent as the Medium is assessed. Wastewater is an appropriate, renewable, economical medium, which contains enough nutrients. After cultivation of stock solution to 5% (v/v) CO2 the CO2 sequestration rate by C. vulgaris was measured in the presence of 20% (v/v) CO2 in the total volume of photobioreactor headspace. C. vulgaris illustrated the ability of fixation of 20% CO2 in the total.. Read More»

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