Journal of Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

ISSN: 2573-0312

Open Access

Volume 6, Issue 1 (2021)

Short Communication Pages: 1 - 1

Inclining Factors for Hamstring Tightness among College Students

S Swetha S*

DOI: 10.37421/2573-0312.2021.06.200

Hamstring is the muscle which makes the back compartment of the thigh. It is the most well-known muscle which gets harmed effectively because of the snugness of the muscle. This examination meant to decide if broadened sitting, body creation, Hamstring to Quadriceps strength proportion (H/Q Ratio) and level of actual work incline to hamstring snugness. This investigation additionally centered around recognizing the impact of sexual orientation and leg dominancy on hamstring snugness.

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