Journal of Genetics and DNA Research

ISSN: 2684-6039

Open Access

Volume 5, Issue 3 (2021)

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Genetics of root-lesion nematode resistance in wheat: A review

Rebecca S Zwart

Root-lesion nematodes (RLN) are one of the most widespread and devastating plant parasitic nematodes species globally. In Australia, RLN species Pratylenchus thornei and P. neglectus are particularly important biotic constraints to wheat production.

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Investigation of itaconate metabolism in Cupriavidus Necator H16

Samuel Yemofio

Recent challenges of pollution and climate change in our environment stems from the over-dependence on fossil fuel through the extraction, processing, and exploitation for petrochemical-based products.

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HMG2 and PLAG1 protein expression in Pleomorphic Adenoma Tumorigenesis and its recurrence and in the progression to Carcinoma ex-Pleomorphic Adenoma

Louyse CML Vizotto

The Pleomorphic Adenoma (PA) is the most common neoplasm of salivary glands. Recurrences of APs are common and increase the probability of the malignant transformation giving rise to the Carcinoma Ex Pleomorphic Adenoma (CXPA), which, although rare, is an aggressive tumor with frequent metastasis and death related to the disease.

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Correct a mutation via water memory technique

Umair Masood

Water memory is ability of water to retain a memory of solute particle after large serial dilution. The role of water memory and electromagnetic waves (EMS) not only theoretical interest but lead to many molecular biology applications. On 13 July 2005 Jacques benveniste and his team detect an electromagnetic signal in water dilution, DR.Jamal Asian his team member observes for first time increasing the frequency of recorded electrical signal emitting by some high dilution of filters of bacteria this was the beginning of water memory research.

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DNA synthesis by using Glycosyltransferases Micro Fluid Chip

Umair Masood

DNA synthesis is a molecular biology process in which the DNA is created by using artificial method. There is different standard method for gene synthesis like: oligonucleotide synthesis, endonuclease-mediated assembly, annealing base connection of oligonucleotide.

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