Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review

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Volume 7, Issue 2 (2017)

Research Article Pages: 1 - 9

A Study on Perception of Quality of Work Life and Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Saudi Arabia

Abdulmonem Hamdan Alzalabani

The study of work environments is very important because it may differentiate between high and low performers among organizations. However, there is a huge gap in studies on exploring the quality of such work life in Saudi Arabia. This study aims to explore the level of Quality of Work Life in the industry situated in the Yanbu Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. It also examines the relationships between environmental factors and job satisfaction. The result reveals that the level of Quality of Work Life of the population is high. The majority of employees have adequate confidence regarding their skills, their job characteristics, opportunity to participate in decision making and relationships. However, some of them complained about their wage levels. Further, the study finds a significant relationship between environmental factors and job satisfaction. This study contributes to the understanding of quality of work life and job satisfaction in a significant area in Saudi Arabia, that is, among employees of organizations in Yanbu Industrial City.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 6

Financial Performance Evaluation of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)

Anas Khan

Financial performance evaluation is the process of discovering economic facts about an enterprise on the basis of interpretation of the available financial data. The primary objective of financial performance evaluation is to give an accurate picture of the financial condition of a concern in condensed form. The present study has been undertaken to examine the financial performance of NTPC for a period of ten years from 2006-07 to 2015-16. Data have been collected from various published annual reports and financial statements. Liquidity, profitability, management efficiency, solvency and market valuation ratios have been calculated and analyzed. Multiple regression technique has been used to evaluate the impact of liquidity, solvency and management efficiency on profitability of NTPC. ROCE, ROA, and ROE have been taken as proxy measures of profitability. The findings highlighted that there is no significant impact of current ratio and inventory turnover ratio on profitability. However, debt-equity ratio has a significant impact on profitability of NTPC.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 6

Non-performing Loans and Systemic Risk: Empirical Evidence to Tunisia and Morocco

Saoussen Ouhibi, Salma Ezzeddine and Algia Hammami

This study investigates the determinant factors of systemic risk in Tunisia and Morocco. The comparative analysis showed that Inflation, domestic credit, gross capital formation, GDP, unemployment rate is significant with non-performing loans (source of systemic risk), in Tunisia. However, in Morocco, only the exchange rate and GDP are significant. This study used time series data of NPLs ratio and nine macroeconomic variables over the period of 1994-2014. Moreover, OLS was used to test the explanatory power of macroeconomic variables as determinants of NPLs.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 19

Integration and Volatilitys Persistence in Emerging and Developed countries: Impulse Responses and Multivariate DCC GARCH

The financial sectors have significant direct and indirect effects on the real economy because they are responsible for saving mobilization and credit allocation. So as to maximize their utility and well manage potential risks, stockholders and investors can use various financial products. If the financial sector is healthy, credit should become more available and the cost of finance should be more affordable. Up to this point, little is known about how stock markets, exchange rates and crude oil respond to financial stress shock. This paper uses monthly stock indexes, exchange rates and crude oil prices data from April 2003 until December 2014 to test and model the international markets’ integration, short term shock and volatility persistence in both emerging and developed countries. Trivariate DCC GARCH model and impulse responses show several interdependences and integration between international stock markets, exchange rates and crude oil.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 5

Factor Affecting Polio Eradication Program in Pakistan

Anees Ur Rehman, Imran Sahir, Irfan Yaqoob and Sidra Zulfiqar

Polio is one of the major viral diseases in the developing countries caused by a polio virus which leads to life time paralysis, usually in legs and in some cases even death could be occurred. The virus could be transmitting form one infected child to other and also passes to environment through feces of infected person. Polio is eradicated from the world except three countries i.e., Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Pakistan is considered the exporter of polio virus to endemic countries with highest number of polio cases in recent years. In last two decades, lots of efforts have been made in Pakistan for a polio free country but still struggling. The government of Pakistan developed National Emergency Action Plan (NEAP) for polio eradication in 2014 which results 82% declining in polio cases in 2015. The findings of this study identified that highest potential factor which affecting polio eradication program is poor routine EPI with beta value of (-0.80). The study was carried out in 115 Union councils of District Okara by targeting 88 respondents through simple random sampling.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 6

Impact of Career Salience on the Employee Turnover with the Mediating Role of Work Place Deviance: A Study on Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan

Huma BH, Liaquat T and Iqbal Yaqoob

This study impact of career salience on employee turnover with mediating role of workplace deviance in the telecommunication sector of Pakistan has been done to assess the impact of career salience on the employee turnover rate along with a mediator Workplace Deviance. The reason behind conducting this study was to check the direct relationship between Career Salience (Independent variable) and Employee Turnover (Dependent Variable) through a mediator Workplace Deviance. The methodology used for the research information was convenience sampling because of the time and cost constraints. A structured questionnaire was used and floated among different franchises of the telecommunication sector located in Lahore, Pakistan including (Mobilink, Warid, Ufone and Telenor). Data were analyzed using SPSS on actual sample of 101 employees. The study found that the independent variable (Career Salience) has significant impact on the dependant variable (Employee turnover) and also the Mediator has partial impact on relationship between the dependant and independent variable.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 6

The Gender Role on MFIs Performance: A Distinctive Trend

Monica Verma

Regardless of social goals strived by the MFIs they need to be economically viable and sustainable in long run. The efficiency of MFIs is a key in achieving sustainability. Literature reveals that presence of increased number of women in board and at middle level and in the total workforce has a positive impact on financial performance of an organization. The present study has been undertaken to examine the performance of the MFIs worldwide based on the data collected from micromix web and also try to establish whether gender diversity impacts the financial performance. Data have been analyzed using SPSS. Statistical tools like correlations and linear regressions have been used to ascertain relationship between gender diversity in staff of MFIs and performance.

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