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Volume 11, Issue 5 (2021)

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Role of Business Management in the Business World with Past and Present Perspective

Iqbalshaukat Iqbal

Business management is the integral part of our corporate world. Success full business can be run only with the help of business management. In the early age man doing the business for earning and necessity With the passage of time the man regularized the all the eighteen century many business institutes came in 1819the first business came in to being in France In 1857in hungry USA The Hass Business school came Into being in 1898 in university of California and Watson school came in to being in Pennsylvania USA 1898.The Harvard university established started master’s program and establish research center regarding the Business management studies in1908.In 1916 university of Chicago started the Doctorate(PHD) program In 1946 first business school in Indian state Jharkhand In the 17&18 Century colonization of various part of world expended by few countries Many multinationals was established during the eighteen century For example Nestle, Lever Brothers, City, Colgate, and Barclay The role of business is very important in various ways We can make planning with the Tool of master, increment, Capital budget With the practice business management With the help of practice of business management we can scan the idea easily and development of product according to need of time period With the best practice of business management we can run every system effectively which is introduced in market for the innovation and development such as ERPS.

Review Article Pages: 1 - 7

The Provision of Low-Cost Houses in South Africa: The Case of Khayelitsha Township in Cape Town

NM Zonke*

DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.11.413

The aim of this article is to assess challenges experienced by the beneficiaries of low-cost houses in the housing provision in Khayelitsha Township in Cape Town. Democracy that was conceived in 1994 in South Africa brought about changes in all the spheres of government regarding the provision of affordable basic services. A mixed method approach was employed in order to collect data using both qualitative and quantitative instruments. A sample of 30 participants was interviewed and 125 questionnaires were distributed with 85 returned back from the residents of khayelitsha in Site C, Cape Town. This study revealed that there was limited community involvement in the housing trends in Khayelitsha settlements. Also, the housing back-log with steady progress, lack of knowledge and understanding of housing policies and projects, poor infrastructure and land provided for these houses and poor quality of houses built and exposure to risks. The study argues that participatory development can be an ideal approach to drive housing projects, especially when communities are involved in all stages of housing development. The study recommends that the national and provincial government must adopt a participatory development approach towards the implementation of housing developments in order to accommodate the community’s views and make them to benefit in the process when they raise their voices.

Review Article Pages: 1 - 5

Analyzing the Marketing Strategies of Indian Paint Products

Pavni Dada*

DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.11.414

The study is primary conducted to study the market behavior and strategies of paint and paint products. It signifies the consumer performances, satisfaction, the brand name/symbol and loyal product behavior. This provides the facts and valuable insights which might help one to completely understand the concept. It satisfies the demand of customer, the possibility of purchase, recommendation to other beings and accurately estimates the factors which would contribute in the establishment of brand loyalty. Consumer satisfaction depends upon different factors including price. The more products are affordable the more demand it would have and vice versa. The search would not contain the industrial uses to be a part of survey. The tastes and preferences of people keeps on changing from time to time which can lead to a little dissatisfactory results.

Research Article Pages: 1 - 5

Electronic Governance: A Growing Trend in Governing Processes

Ojo Oluwatoyin Emmanuel*

DOI: 10.37421/2223-5833.2021.11.415

E-Governance been the utilization of information and communication technologies to improve information and service delivery to the citizen and every other stakeholders has been on the rise in so many countries, the important of e-governance cannot be overemphasize and sideline, it has been a growing trend. Internally, it has been helpful in keeping records, eliminating bureaucracy and increasing government efficiency. For the sake of this paper, we would be considering what good governance is, the growing trend of e-governance and why it is vital in governing processes. Although the application of information and communication technology in most African countries have not been promoted due to so many reasons. E-Governance has been a growing trend which in years to come will dominate every government operations. Related journals, textbooks, publications and other reference materials were used in the course of this research work.

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