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Volume 10, Issue 1 (2022)

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The AfCFTA: A Short End of the Stick or a Golden Opportunity for Youths?

Wiriranai Masara*

DOI: 10.37421/2375- 4389.22.10.394

The paper examines if the African Continental Free Trade Area presents a rewarding opportunity for youths and women across Africa or if it is an inferior part and worse side of an unequal deal. The paper revisits the general objectives of the African Continental Free Trade Area and assess how each of the eight objectives are either beneficial or detrimental to youths and women. Thus, the paper is divided into four subsections which outline the objectives of the African Continental Free Trade Area, define who the youths are, evaluate the challenges and opportunities of the African Continental Free Trade Area towards the youth, and conclusion.

Hypothesis Pages: 1 - 5

Dealing Strategy Results Natural Resources the Local Wisdom Dalihan Natolu Culture ?Mangaraja Purehet? Monument Sutan Humula Sontang with SWOT Analysis Method

Dodi Irwan Siregar*

DOI: 10.37421/2375-4389.22.10.392

This paper employs combination of SWOT analysis and Analytic hierarchy process, in strategic planning for tourism of small simangambat village dalihan natolu Batak Culture, which is located in the north sumatera Indonesia. SWOT analysis identifies internal and external factors which are prioritized by expert in tourism domain by means of Analytic hierarchy process. The prioritized SWOT factors are used in strategies formulation using TOWS matrix. Results indicate that proactive communication strategy and isolation strategy with effective marketing promotional strategy were the best.

Research Pages: 1 - 6

The Appropriate of the COVID-19 Vaccine by Analysing the Death Rate/Mortality Corona Virus-19 and Confirmed the Corona Virus-19 in World during December 2020 until September 2021

Dodi Irwan Siregar*

DOI: 10.37421/2375-4389.22.10.391

Abst Viruses are important pathogens of high animals and the major cause of mortality, and they also are drivers of global geochemical cycles; yet, biological sciences considered them as entities separate from the realm of life and acting merely as mechanical artifacts that can exchange genes between different species, genera, phyla and even from one ecosystem to another. During the last decade, the increased awareness of the complexity of the immune system and its determinants, including at the host genetic level, indicated that using system biology approaches to assess how various processes and networks interact in response to immunization could prove more illustrative than trying to isolate and characterize a few components of vaccine responses. These immune-related concerns have largely spread into the population, and questions related to the immunological safety of vaccines that is, their capacity for triggering 2 non-antigen specific responses possibly leading to allergy, autoimmunity, or even premature death are being raised. Certain “off-targets effects” of vaccines have also been recognized and call for studies to quantify their impact and identify the mechanisms at play. This study uses multiple linear regression analysis to predict and predict changes in the value of certain variables when other variables change. Correlation is one of the statistical analysis techniques used to find the relationship of how strong the relationship between two or more variables that are quantitative. By using the Linearity Test (Lillie force test) where f count > f table is 787,62 > 3,24Then, Ho is rejected. This means that multiple linear regression analysis can be used to predict The Corona virus 19 vaccines in world by analyzing Variable The death rate and confirmed the corona virus 19 data. Obtained the multiple linear regression equation is Y = 0,609211 - 3,15845257X1 + 3,58359X2, the correlation value of the variables above is 0,98389 the value is superior correlation scale ranging from 0.76 to 0.99. Is where t1 count < t table is -12,078 < 2,009, then Ho is accepted, meaning there is no significant effect partially between the Variable The Corona virus 19 vaccine and The death rate. Then the value of the t2 count > t table is 3,62523 > 2,009. Ho is rejected; it means that there is a large significant influence partially between the Corona virus 19 vaccines against confirmed the corona virus 19 variable in World on August 2021.

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