Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

ISSN: 2573-0347

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Volume 6, Issue 6 (2021)

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The Role of Midwife

Rose Swan

DOI: 10.37421/2573-0347.2021.6.204

In 2019 the World Health Organization assigned 2020 to be the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. This was not an amazing decision on the grounds that the 2 million birthing specialists and 22 million attendants make up a large portion of the world's wellbeing labor force and are at the core of medical care all over the place. For the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) and the International Council of Nurses (ICN) this is an incredible chance to grandstand our callings.

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Security and Quality of Generic Drugs

Mac Gilbert

DOI: 10.37421/2573-0347.2021.6.205

A critical issue for generics is the assurance on security and nature of items showcased. In spite of the fact that proof of bio-identicalness is significant, public wellbeing specialists should set up instruments for checking fabricating practice by (neighborhood and unfamiliar) suppliers as well. Notwithstanding, wellbeing and quality issues ought to be to a lesser extent a danger than previously, in any event in created nations where the couple of producers in the generics market are certainly keen on keeping away from dangerous practices that could drastically subvert their picture.

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The Health Care Delivery System

Garima Kashyap

DOI: 10.37421/2573-0347.2021.6.206

For Americans to appreciate ideal wellbeing—as people and as a populace—they should have the advantage of great medical care benefits that are adequately planned inside a solid general wellbeing framework. In considering the part of the medical care area in guaranteeing the country's wellbeing, the board took as its beginning stage one of the suggestions of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report Crossing the Quality Chasm.

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Editorial Note on Nursing Care

Mathew Swan

DOI: 10.37421/2573-0347.2021.6.207

Nursing is a calling inside the medical care area zeroed in on the consideration of people, families, and networks so they may accomplish, keep up with, or recuperate ideal wellbeing and personal satisfaction. Medical attendants might be separated from other medical care suppliers by their way to deal with patient consideration, preparing, and extent of training. Medical caretakers practice in numerous fortes with contrasting degrees of remedy authority. Medical caretakers involve the biggest part of most medical services conditions; however there is proof of global deficiencies of qualified attendants.

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Analysis of Communication in the Electronic Medical Record: Communication of the Patient Story across the Continuum of Care

Kaying Vang

DOI: 10.37421/2573-0347.2021.6.203

The electronic health record (EHR) and problem list are tools used to communicate the patient’s medical story. The increase adoption of the EHR has been recognized to
improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. However, emerging reports of unrecognized implications have been found to be associated with EHR implementation and
its functionality. These implications have been found to affect the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care. The primary purpose of this project was to retrospectively
assess the electronically written communication by following the EHR problem list as the patient progresses through each level of care during an inpatient stay starting in the
Intensive care unit (ICU). The secondary purpose of the project was to identify potential EHR tools that may improve the utilization and maintenance of the problem list. The
electronic problem list functions as the communication tool that tells the patient story, therefore it is essential that the story it tells is accurate. The findings from this study
indicated that the utilization and maintenance of the problem list in which it is accurate and complete may result in care that is of quality, safe and efficient.

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