Alternative & Integrative Medicine

ISSN: 2327-5162

Open Access

Volume 9, Issue 2 (2020)

Mini Review Pages: 1 - 2

Effectiveness of Diagnostic Tools and Management of Lung Cancer

Tamer A. Addissouky, Ahmed A. Khalil and Ayman E. Elagroudy

Early detection of lung cancer stages is deeply under consideration of scientists. By day, high rate of mortality might be caused by cancer of lung over the world. Detecting appropriate tools to determine the early stages of lung cancer is urgently needed. Over the years, recent tools such as position emission tomography/computed tomography, Tranbronchial needle aspiration, endobronchial ultrasound, esophageal ultrasound, medical thoracoscopy and Non-invasive biomarkers have been performed and many studies have estimated where they can be effective alternative in lung cancer diagnostic and staging algorithms. By accurate detection, lung cancer can be managed and treated efficiently. Surgery is considered as the only treatment for lung cancer. Consequently, finding out alternative treatment and reliable management are required.

Research Pages: 1 - 7

Treatment of Dementia Symptoms: Scoping Review of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Approaches

De Boer M, Yau EHY, Andriianova A, Bérénos IM, Van Dommelen JEM and Adriaan P. Visser

Aim: This article presents an overview of complementary and alternative medicine approaches (CAM) to treat symptoms of dementia.

Method: Retrieving of studies from several bibliographic databases (January 1998 to March 2020) applying prespecified selection criteria and methodological quality assessment.

Results: CAM approaches reduce symptoms of dementia, slow down the progression, and create relief for patients, while not intending to prevent and cure dementia. Psychological interventions are helpful for families to establish more and better interactions with patients. Traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine) is promising strategies to treat memory loss. Homeopathy might be effective in treating symptoms of dementia. Light therapy reduces sleep deprivation, depression and agitation. Aroma & music therapy improve quality of life and recalling thoughts and feelings. Nutrition shows variant effects on dementia symptoms and development
of AD, such as with folate-rich foods, low-fat dairy products, and intake of fish or omega-3 fats. Red grapes show a protective effect on AD and VaD. Exercises enhance memory. Controlled Multisensory Therapy (Snoezel therapy) shows short-term effects on mood and behaviour.

Conclusion: CAM is an alternative for conventional treatments, like medicines to relieve symptoms, however good CAM trials are lacking. Analysed studies were of low quality, having no control groups, small samples, and only case and animal studies. Research on a combination of conventional and CAM is needed to show the additional
effects on conventional treatments.

Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 2

Editorial Note for Alternative & Integrative Medicine Journal

Romy Lauche*

Alternative & Integrative Medicine (ISSN: 2167-7182) is a rapid peer reviewed journal which is a valuable source of information for scholars, researchers, professionals, and students, providing in-depth perspectives on intriguing contemporary topics of Psychology. Built on an ethos of openness, we are passionate about working with the global academic community to promote open scholarly research to the world.


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