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Towards Aerial Humanoid Robotics


Daniele Pucci

Robotics is a very active research field of Engineering. Leaving aside the cognitive capabilities of intelligent robots, Manipulation and Locomotion remain two fundamental robot abilities that receive much of the scientific attention. The resulting endeavor gave impetus to new branches of Robotics aimed at combining Manipulation and Locomotion into single robotic platforms. Aerial Manipulation, for instance, conceives robots capable of flying while manipulating an object, thus unifying Manipulation and Aerial Locomotion. Humanoid Robotics, instead, merges Manipulation and Terrestrial Locomotion since humanoid robots can usually manipulate objects and move around by exploiting contacts with the environment (e.g. walking). This talk presents the first step towards unifying Manipulation, Aerial, and Terrestrial Locomotion by laying the foundation of Aerial Humanoid Robotics. Robots implementing Aerial Humanoid Robotics can then fly, walk, manipulate, and transport objects. Aerial Humanoid Robotics is paramount in disaster scenarios where legged robots struggle with stable and robust terrestrial locomotion on challenging terrains. Furthermore, Aerial Humanoid Robotics can be used as testbed for flying exoskeletons, which one day will allow humans for personal flight. 


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