Journal of Anesthesiology and Pain Research

Open Access

Total Pain in Advanced Cancer: Are We Doing Enough?


Shrenik Ostwal

Introduction: Pain in cancer patients is multidimensional and can be contributed by physical, psychological, social and spiritual components resulting in the concept of â??Total Painâ?. Despite availability of a number of advanced therapeutic procedures for pain management, not all pain can be controlled with medications. Case Summary: We reported a case of a 38-year-old gentleman diagnosed with advanced carcinoma of the colon with subacute intestinal obstruction. He presented with severe complex pain not controlled with usually available modalities. Insight into physical, psycho-social and spiritual components helped to control his symptoms to some extent. Conclusion: Attention and appropriate approach to psycho-social and spiritual components along with physical symptoms (Total Pain) are highly recommended for a holistic and good end of life care. Changing goals of care should always be kept in mind while providing end of life care.

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