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Third Cinema Approach and Anti-Colonial Theory: Two trains towards one destination (A Comparative Study of Sidhwa s Ice-Candy-Man and Deepa Mehta s Earth 1947)


Muhammad Farooq, Mustanir Ahmad and Athar Farooq

This research paper is an effort to analyze the Third Cinema1 approach and Anti-colonial theory by a comparative study between Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice-Candy-Man and its visual adaptation Earth 1947 by Deepa Mehta. The paper explores the objectives of the mentioned theories/approaches and terms them as two trains towards one destination. The statement metaphorically refers to the geographical resemblance between the Anti-colonial theory and Third Cinema approach (as both deal with the issues of Third World countries) and ideological similarities between them in respect of their goals and aims. The article examines Anti-Colonial theory as a counter-narrative2 in the domain of Post-Colonial Studies. Similarly, it analyzes Third Cinema approach as a counter-projection in Third Cinema studies because it deconstructs the false and biased projection of the issues of Third World by dominant cinema and reconstructs a new version of projections based on reality. The paper shows that these theories challenge the notion of colonialism and create awareness among the suppressed and marginalized people and finally prepare them to take action, to define their identity and to resist against the colonial cruelties.


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