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The next generation personal virtual assistant


Mohamed Ben Haddou

Virtual Personal assistants are changing the way that we interact with our environment. The rise of voice-enabled devices, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, offer a natural and intuitive way to interact with machines to speed up and improve daily tasks.  Today’s Smart Speakers are marketed as intelligent assistants able to understand, take decisions and support people in several tasks. However, this vision has yet to fully materialize.  The next generation of VPA will be capable of carrying out complex tasks and non-routine work. They will to be able to follow entire professional conversations, formulate replies to business messages and seek documents in a company information system related to specific requests, follow up and manage users’ task and help plan meetings accordingly. The new generation should bring a paradigm change of how VPAs are designed and used, that could have profound implications on the way the business in conducted in the era of Voice computing.


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