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The Lack of Love and Iron, The two causes of AlzheimerÔ??s


Joan Manuel Rodriguez Nunez

Objective: By the lack of initiative by force (Faith) Iron man lives. Iron deficiency causes anemia, anemia causes dementia, Alzheimer dementia and Alzheimer’s produces cognitive impairment in memory produces bases. Well hear him. The Iron Will Alkaline, the answer is yes.

Methodology: On the basis of Love and the use of Iron and its allies, which are the B vitamins, Vitamin C, E and vitamin A. It is necessary to remember that there is to try to fight the greatest sustenance Anemia in all its contrarestantes.

Conclusion: The theory focuses on the oxygenation of the blood, which must be done, where the Warburg Alkaline Diet is demonstrated, among other factors it is necessary to emphasize the oxygenation that consists of the mental and physical, which is reduced in Sleeping correctly, Warburg Alkaline Diet, Drink Enough Water, Make Walks or Moderate Exercises, Comfort and Drink Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Complex B and Vitamin A. All this consists in Producing New Oxygen.


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