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The Impact of Employee Sycophantic Behaviour on Organisation Environment: A Conceptual Study of Hospitality Sector in India


Chahal HS and Poonam B

In today competitive environment, sycophantic behaviour played in every organisation significant role and the organisation environment also influenced by this behaviour. If we go into deep discussion, we realize as well that this behaviour is behaviour to get competitive advantage for personal growth. It is also observed that, performance of organisation depends upon the surrounding as read in many HRM books that “Good environment leads to good performance of any companies”. Service industry required team spirit for increasing performance level and for that behaviour is generally being adopted by the employees to please their bosses. Some questions arise like: 1) what does sycophancy means? 2) How does it influence the environment? And does have positive impact on employee Performance? To do Oiling and battering to their bosses to get promotion and good place in the industry is known as sycophancy. According Ekong and Essien, the sycophantic groups are those who involve more in intrigues, lying about others to cause confusion-official liar and those who pretend to be the adviser to the political leader. But their false praise performance and outputs may vary. The above matter can be seen in private sector as well in public or government sector also at some extent. But if we talk about government sector, Jhatial found in his study that 80% of respondents in government sector agreed that connection or sifarish, references, sycophancy and cronyism play significant role in HRM decision making process whereas only 20% of respondents found that it have done on merit based decision.


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