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ISSN: 2167-0919

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TCO and performance optimization for large scale public and Hybrid cloud environment.


Prashant Mishra

Saving money and to increase the performance is one of the main reasons for moving workloads to the cloud. With the Click2Cloud multi cloud management platform, the cloud infrastructure can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) as compared to on-premise infrastructure. Cloud brain helps to choose the best hybrid cloud solution that involves careful consideration of how each cloud implementation option would meet the needs of the overall organization and its specific workloads. A hybrid cloud approach offers the best path to the cloud, and a way to optimize your existing assets offers the best path to the cloud, and a way to optimize your existing assets. Using on demand resources in the cloud, you can leverage the power of the cloud and provide services that complement your existing on-premises datacentre. Cloud brain platform also provides consistency across the key areas like; identity; management, security, infra automation, and DevOps. It also simplifies complexities as user can comfortably choose instance sizes, operating systems, database, application framework among other applications as per their business needs and usage.


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