Abnormal and Behavioural Psychology

ISSN: 2472-0496

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Surveying the Role of Family Function and Curricular Self-Regulation in Curricular Burning out among Bushehr high School Students, Iran’s Aspect


Behroozi M*

The main purpose of this paper is to Survey the role of family function (FF) and curricular self-regulation (CS) in curricular burning out (CB) among Bushehr students. This is a descriptive-surveying research whose study population was 1958 students among which 362 persons were randomly selected as the sample based on multiclustering sampling method. Data were gathered via two standard questionnaires including Berso’ curricular burning out, Kanel’s self-regulation, and Opstien’s family function). Some descriptive and inferential indices were applied to analyse the collected data using Amos-21. Findings, according to SEM, showed that the acquired model had an acceptable goodness fitness representing 72% of the curricular burning out variance by family function and curricular self-regulation while 18% of curricular self-regulation could be predicted by family function.


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