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Security as a Service (SecaaS)


Adelegbe Lawrence Gbenga

Security is freedom from, or resilience against, potential harm caused by others Enterprises need to protect their assets, but they also need to be profitable to stay in business. Protecting information assets has become a priority for enterprises that need to meet compliance requirements or need to protect sensitive data. The challenge for these enterprises is implementing robust security practices while keeping investment and operational costs contained. Security as service offers a way for enterprises to access security services that are robust, scalable and cost effective. When An enterprise chooses SECaaS, they are essentially choosing to relinquish control over their security to a third-party specialist. As a result, the enterprise’s overall security posture improves because security systems are maintained and administered by security specialists. SECaaS is typically delivered on the basis of a subscription, which for many companies means replacing the one-time licensing costs of security software with a reoccurring subscription. With reward comes risk, and enterprises should consider benefits and risk when evaluating Security as service products and providers. And also, enterprises need to understand that they can outsource responsibility but they cannot outsource accountability; therefore, enterprises should implement an assurance plan that includes assessing the services obtained from SecaaS providers. Security as a service enables enterprises that do not have the security expertise in-house, or the ability to recruit the required expertise, to license a professionally managed service.


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