Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research

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Scientology applied to the workday of women feels just as good as sex: Non clinical examination of less sunlight habit Pharmacy Institute in Pune University


Rahul Hajare

Meditation has the same effect on our brains as sex. 20 new normal orgasms in a research row and affordable in all color of skin. Orgasms can a sexual event, which has attained at the culmination of a sexual activity. However, not all orgasms have derived from sexual activity to extended act. There are other activities, beyond sex, that also give the same feeling as an orgasm. Meditation can accept surprised to note that meditation has the same effect on our brains as sex. In both cases, there is a rush of blood to the pre-frontal area by side brain. Sex and meditation both lead us to a state of bliss and lack of selfawareness.


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