Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Responsive Teaching of Responsively Teaching for Child Development and their Parents


AR. Bharathi

Responsive teaching is a program that teaches parents how to support the development of their children’s communication, cognitive, social and emotional skills by being more responsive in the way they interact with their children. Responsive teaching is designed for children under six years old who have developmental or social-emotional problems. Initially, parents must complete a two-day workshop called Getting Started with Responsive Teaching. Parents deliver responsive teaching with the support of a trained professional, so involvement is high. Results from these studies indicated that during the early childhood years, parents promote their children's development by engaging in highly responsive interactions throughout their daily routines. It refers to the extent to which the children acquire knowledge on worm infestation after structured teaching programme or Child-to-child teaching programme which can be measured using a structured knowledge questionnaire. The Programme is based on the concept that children in schools and family members need to be considered as partners in spreading health messages as well as benefiting them. Imparting health information during childhood remains longer in their life and the concept will be transmitted to their offspring’s. For communicating health information, one has to adopt an appropriate strategy.


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