Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

ISSN: 1736-4337

Open Access

Reflection equation algebra in braided geometry 1


Dimitri GUREVICH , Pavel PYATOV , and Pavel SAPONOV

Braided geometry is a sort of the noncommutative geometry related to a braiding. The central role in this geometry is played by the reflection equation algebra associated with a braiding of the Hecke type. Using this algebra, we introduce braided versions of the Lie algebras gl(n) and sl(n). We further define braided analogs of the coadjoint orbits and the vector fields on a q-hyperboloid which is the simplest example of a ”braided orbit”. Besides, we present a braided version of the Cayley-Hamilton identity generalizing the result of Kantor and Trishin on the super-matrix characteristic identities.


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