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Rediscovering herbal contraceptives in Ayurveda - Windows of research via ethnopharmacological research


Charu Sharma *, Sujata Kadam, Meenakshi Pandey

In the time you read the title , there would have been 4 live-births around the globe. 210 million pregnancies occur worldwide each year, of which, 40% are un palnned. Current researches are centred around immunocontraceptives, molecular condoms but there is an immense quest for completely safe and used friendly contraceptive. Ethnopharmacological-Driven Drug Development becomes the need of the hour to establish noble solutions for global concerns. This review article is a methodology to analyze the pharmacological aspect of contraceptives along with evaluating the current scenario of researches in the drug development process of contraceptives. This article summarizes the results of various classical references and researches related to drug discoveries of contraceptives. This artcle deals with future leads to herbal contraceptives and presents an interdisciplinary model of research.


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