Journal of Coronary Heart Diseases

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Progression of incomplete toward complete left bundle branch block


Mohd Anas Ansari

Cardiovascular mortality, sudden cardiac death, and heart failure are all linked to complete left bundle branch block (cLBBB). The appearance of cLBBB on an electrocardiogram (ECG) elevates clinical awareness and frequently necessitates additional cardiac investigations and clinical follow-up. Incomplete LBBB (iLBBB) is characterised by a QRS shape similar to cLBBB but with a QRS duration (QRSD) of less than 120 milliseconds. Patients with iLBBB have a poor clinical profile and a long natural history, hence their clinical profile and natural history are mostly unknown. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the clinical profile of iLBBB patients, the rate and risk factors for progression to cLBBB, and the outcome of iLBBB patients.


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