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Prevalence of XDR-Salmonella typhi in Patients with Enteric Fever in a pediatric emergency of a public sector Hospital in Sindh


Abeera Tabassum

Objective: To determine prevalence of XDR S.Typhi in patients diagnosed with Enteric fever in pediatric emergency of a public sector hospital in Sindh.

Methods: We have conducted a retrospective review of patients record over a period of 6 months (Jan 2019 to Jun 2019) in a pediatric emergency of a public sector hospital supported by Childlife foundation. All patient diagnosed as Enteric fever on clinical basis and their blood culture sent were enrolled in the study. We collected the data on MR#, age, presenting complaint, diagnosis and blood culture report. Percentages and frequencies were calculated for quantitative variables.

Results: 42772 patients visited the PED during the study period. 1157 (2.7%) patients diagnosed clinically as enteric fever. 246 (21%) patients had their blood culture done hence enrolled in the study. Mean age was 5 .5 years (4 years – 7 years). 70% were male. 42 (17%) blood culture showed growth of XDR S. Typhi while 149 (60%) showed no growth. 55 (22%) patient had growth of non-resistant S. Typhi and other organisms. The overall cost of treatment per patient per day is 15 USD.

Conclusion: Emerging outbreak of XDR S.Typhi is alarming in Sindh. Increasing number of patients are being diagnosed daily adding additional healthcare cost. There are insufficient facilities to care for these sick children leading to increase length of stay in pediatric emergencies


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