Abnormal and Behavioural Psychology

ISSN: 2472-0496

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Possession Behaviour


Vagrecha YS

‘Possession’ has been observed in many forms and in many countries, especially in rural communities, country sides, in poor, uneducated, marginalized and tribal population, but in urban areas and metropolitan cities as wellin their slums and higher societies. It has been reported extensively by anthropologists, sociologists and lately by psychologists. To understand dynamics of such behaviour needs enormous and extensive resources, time, patience and passion. Why people are possessed? What are their conflicts and psychological needs? How it is resolving and serving them? Why surrounding community believe it? And why it became their way of life? To answer these questions: First we will deal with possession behaviour in its totality to have a fuller understanding of such phenomenon, than Purvaj Syndrome will be presented in brief, a possession phenomenon of helping nature investigated by the author in a rural community in India.


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