Journal of Nursing & Care

ISSN: 2167-1168

Open Access

Patient and Nursing Professional Safety in the Face of Pandemic - COVID-19


Thaisa Campos Fernandes*

Objective: To identify the performance of nursing professionals in relation to the essential aspects for the provision of safe care to patients infected by COVID-19 hospitalized in the emergency department. Method: A simple literature review with data collected during the peak period of the disease in real time in available databases. Discussion: COVID-19 spreads around the world and reaches almost every continent. Immediate, important measures and education of the population, training of health professionals becomes a priority. In addition to effective prevention and control measures. Conclusion and final considerations: For a pandemic it is no easy task. However, in the case of COVID-19, it seems possible, since asymptomatic cases have not played an important role in transmission. Noticeable priority of protection to health professionals, isolate in quarantine the communicators and act quickly, given the lethality of the disease and that cases increase every day.


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