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No Shaping Endodontic Treatment of a Mandibular Canine Utilizing the GentleWave Procedure: A Case Report


Randy W Garland DDS

Introduction: One of the main goals of root canal therapy is to remove pulp tissue, layers of infected dentin and biofilms attached to the root canal surface, yet this requires enlargement of root canals for mechanical instrumentation and access of irrigants. Reports indicate that larger size files and file tapers allow for increased penetration of irrigants albeit at the greater risk of complications including ledge formation, instrument separation, perforation, and root fracture.

Background: In this case report, a mandibular right cuspid presented with sensitivity to percussion and a deep coronal restoration.

Methods: The tooth was conservatively accessed and then patency and working length were established utilizing a size 10/.02 hand file. For preservation of tooth structure, maintenance of original canal anatomy, and to decrease the risk of complications normally seen in standard endodontics, a no shaping endodontic treatment utilizing the Gentle Wave® Procedure was performed. No shaping with endodontic files was performed. Only the Gentle Wave Procedure was employed to clean and disinfect the root canal system. The canal was obturated using a single cone technique with gutta-percha and BC Sealer™.

Results: Post-procedure radiographs of the non-shaped canal show no voids and a flush fill depicting a clinically significant obturation.

Discussion: This case report demonstrates the ability of the Gentle Wave Procedure to clean anterior teeth without the use of instrumentation for shaping thereby conserving the natural tooth structure and decreasing the chance of complications as seen in standard endodontic treatment.


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