Journal of Nephrology & Therapeutics

ISSN: 2161-0959

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Nephrolithiasis Associated Rare Renal Tumors Masquerading Non-Functional Kidney


Shailja Puri*,Neelam Gupta,Sudarshan Sharma

Two cases - primary squamous cell carcinoma of renal parenchyma and adenocarcinoma of renal pelvis are added to those so far reported. There is very scant literature on primary squamous cell carcinoma of renal parenchyma making it a very rare tumor. Association with long standing chronic infection and nephrolithiasis is emphasized. Presence of a renal stone and occult gross appearance of most of these tumors and may lead the pathologist to overlook their presence and be overwhelmed with nephrolithiasis only. Hence, any kidney with nephrolithiasis should be examined carefully to look for the presence of any tumorous growth.


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