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Monstrous Artificial Intelligence


Kelvin Ogba Dafiaghor

In the quest to create a sophisticated ecosystem, researchers have committed to advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies thus leading to an expansion in its field of application. AI has changed the spheres of human life as it has found its application in almost every field from daily human needs, health care systems, error optimization, economic decision, to information technology and industrial machines (Robotics). AI, as regarded in this article, can be classified into two, which are the Narrow AI also regarded as weak AI, which is modelled to perform a specific task and General AI a strong AI which is modelled to perform a complex task.

Nonetheless, the incessant growth of the AI field, its positive impact and the enthusiasm of researchers towards this field have obscured most researchers from ensuring the field's safety and its benefits to the society. Although some experts in the field like Elon Musk talked about the possibility of AI outgrowing and destroying humanity. hence Elon proposed a Neuralink which will allow humans to achieve symbiosis with AI.

This article gives a brief introduction to AI, examines the benefits and risks of AI; especially the general AI and discuss the need to regulate the AI-based researches to prevent the field from becoming a monster to the society. “Success in creating effective AI could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization. Or the worst. So, we cannot know if we will be infinitely helped by AI, or ignored by it and side-lined, or conceivably destroyed by it,” this quote as stated by Stephen Hawkings, is one that must be put into consideration for a safe and beneficial AI integrated society. Hence the author of this article is working with other experts all over the globe to see that AI is regulated under the UN and that a regulatory body is established.

The author of this article Kelvin Ogba Dafiaghor is a chemical engineering graduate from Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria. He has an MBA in leadership and management from the Accra Business School, Accra, Ghana. He is the founder of Ogba Educational Clinic, a dynamic organization solving the Educational needs of young Africans and Artificial Intelligence Hub, a technology organization that empowers young people with tech skills relevant for future jobs brought by the fourth industrial revolution. Kelvin has been to Morocco, Ethiopia, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, and many African countries, advancing the frontiers of Artificial Intelligence. Kelvin is a Mentor at Digital peace and an Ex mentor at the Global Stem Alliance, a professional member of The New York Academy of Sciences, a member of Afrilab and a top fan World Economic Forum.


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