Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology

ISSN: 0974-7230

Open Access

Mathematical Model for Transmission Dynamics of HepatitusA Viral Disease with Optimal Control Strategies


Mamo Shigute Wameko *, Alemu Geleta Wedajo, Purnachandra Rao Koya

An epidemic model with optimal control strategies was investigated for Hepatitus A Viral disease that can be transmitted through infected individuals. In this study, we used a deterministic compartmental model for assessing the effect of different control strategies to control the spread of Hepatitus A viral disease in the community. Stability theory of differential equations is used to study the qualitative behavior of the system. The basic reproduction number that represents the epidemic indicator is obtained by using the condition of endemicity. Both the local stability and global stability conditions for disease free equilibrium is established. Uniqueness of endemic equilibrium point and its global stability conditions are proved. Numerical simulation of the model showed that applying all the control strategies can eliminate the disease from the community. However, using all intervention strategies is impractical in most circumstances; therefore, using prevention strategies can be recommended in the present mathematical modeling context.


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