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Macro Biophysical Physiological Neuropsychotherapy: Theory and Practice


Yakov N

Neuropsychotherapy is a macro biophysical, physiological method to therapy that sharpens awareness inpatients with transient homeostatic deregulated (THD) lasting distress of relapse, which produces body operational ranges (BOR) with morbid symptoms, against which a neuropsychotherapist had designed specific sets of tools and skills to train for more effective control over BOR rather than with drugs to eliminate THD, leading to a transient homeostatic resynchronizing (THR) state of remission with a tranquil body that produces pleasant feelings of health. The author of the article performed a breakthrough in neuropsychotherapy with special tools and strategies that were built during the acquisition of a placebo effect during self-navigation of the macro biophysical physiological operations through treatment and prevention. It focuses on training patients to develop well-targeted self-awareness to block all stress-inducing sources. The latter originate and sustain macro biophysical physiological distresses leading to transient homeostatic deregulated (THD) relapses, driving uncoordinated body operational ranges (BOR) with morbid symptoms. In neuropsychotherapy the self-intelligence level stimulates learning to positively strengthen the emotional levels monitoring quantify stages in the body operational ranges (BOR) for healthy activities. Neuropsychotherapy filters the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral tools that guide BOR with a set of constellation of antecedent conditions (COAC) to be described below: 1. Using 'positive connotations' for developing robust insight, 2. Driving personal BOR into a restful and peaceful state of mind, 3. Providing useful concrete anti-stress strategies and techniques, Using 'here and now' empathic, dynamic, 'doctor-patient alliance', 4. Using personal assertive interactional and conversational skills, 5. Using personal problem-solving tasks, and 6. Setting up family and social COACs. Current neuropsychotherapy is the cutting edge over all other psychotherapies.


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