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LTE Evolution towards Carrier Aggregation (LTE-advanced)


Ekta Gujral and Jitendra Singh Jadon

LTE-Advanced network is commercially available at increased speed while LTE is upgrading day by day and helped to provide faster broadband services. LTE delivered all these enhancement by offering the state of the art combination of new air interface base technology (OFDMA/SC-FDMA) and greater flexibility for utilizing spectrum. As we know that LTE has flexibility of bandwidth selection and it goes up to 20 MHz bandwidth (BW). Due to this flexible nature, it can accommodate many users with permutation and combination of bandwidth allocated to operator. LTE-Advanced is required for higher data rates and full coverage in future scenario. One of the key features of LTEAdvanced is carrier aggregation. All operators are moving towards Carrier Aggregation as this feature helps to maintain the quality of network and increase the user experience in terms of data rates and peak user throughput. This paper highlights the carrier aggregation which supports the inter-band aggregation contiguous component carriers, intraband aggregation non-contiguous component carriers and inter-band aggregation. This paper also focuses on various scenario of implementation of Carrier Aggregation and there benefits in network.


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