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Locating Existence and Cure of ‘Seven Sins of Narcissism’ in Esteban Trueba from ‘The House of Spirits’ (Isabella Allande)


Rana N

This paper attempts to look deep into the psychology of Esteban Trueba, the main protagonist of Isabella Allande’s novel The House of the Spirits. The study is focused on only one psychological attribute of Esteban that is ‘Narcissism’. American psychiatrist Hotchkiss’ theory of ‘Seven Deadly sins of Narcissism’ has provided foundation for the detailed analysis whereas the idea is further developed by the approaches of Dr. Lisa Firestone and Melanie Tonia Evans who provided therapy for NPD (Narcissist personality disorder). The study is qualitative in nature and through textual analysis is entailed to identify ‘Seven Sins of Narcissism’ in Esteban and moves further to find out those factors that lead to the healing of ‘Narcissist Personality Disorder’ in him to convert him into a ‘generous and considerate’ human being.


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