Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

ISSN: 2573-0347

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Legal and Ethical Issues among Oncology Nurses Toward End of Life Care


Salim NA, Nematollahi R, Tuffaha M, Chehab FH, Nigim HA, Al Mehairi AA and Tummamo E

Background: Near end of life cancer patients are suffering from multiple distress that can affect their quality of life. Oncology nurses as primary care givers of cancer patients are committed to provide high quality care considering complex ethical issues to this extremely delicate and sensitive patient and their families.
Purpose: To evaluate the ethical commitments of oncology nurses practice during the end of life period.
Methods: After the usage of different electronic database with specific key words, the number of the found articles was 31 articles, but only six articles were met the inclusion criteria and were used for the current review.
Results: This integrative review found that the oncology nurses are not completely adhere with ethical practice for terminally ill cancer patients. Lack of proper forms and documents combined with poor knowledge and understanding of nurses about ethical sensitivity was the major factors which led to poor end of life quality care and outcomes. The oncology nurse managers and their team members need to seriously take more responsibility with honesty and dignity to improve the situation. The oncology nurses should have the capability to identify the different needs of each patient specifically towards the late stage of disease progress.
Implications and Recommendations: In order to maintain a high quality care at the end of life which is critically important to manage the symptoms as soon as possible, and for more enhancements, the oncology nurses need comprehensive programs to increase their awareness about the importance of ethical practice and care.


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