Journal of Nursing & Care

ISSN: 2167-1168

Open Access

Investigation and Analysis of the Transitional Care Needs of Patients Following Hospital Discharge


Xia Lyu, Jie Zeng, Jenny Song, Weisi Peng, Muying Chen, Caiwen Li

Background: The transitional care model ensures the continuity of care and has significant impact on patients’ health outcomes. Transitional care services need to be developed based on patients’ needs. 

Purpose: This study aimed to investigate the care needs of patients following hospital discharge.

Methods: This quantitative cross-sectional survey was conducted among 484 patients using a questionnaire to investigate patients’ transitional care needs, covering the types of the services and patient preferred services providers.

Results: The investigation revealed that only 17.98% (n = 87) of participants were aware that the tertiary hospital provided transitional care following hospital discharge, even though more than half of participants (n = 265) expressed a preference for doctors and nurses from tertiary hospitals to provide this. Regarding types of transitional care service, 46.9% participants (n = 227) considered health education to be their priority, followed by medication guidance (35.33%), and rehabilitation needs (34.71%).

Conclusion: The most preferred service model perceived by patients are transitional care services provided by health professionals from tertiary hospitals. Transitional care must encompass a broad range of health services including health education, medication management, and rehabilitation in order to meet patients’ needs. This is to promote the care continuity across various care settings.

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