Journal of Pharmacognosy & Natural Products

ISSN: 2472-0992

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Innovative designs for loaded mesoporous structures and their evaluation in the desorption profiles for chestnut extract


Purcareanu Bogdan

Mesoporous materials attracted great interest in the last decade, for their applications in new drug design fields, especially for drug delivery. Morphology features and the capacity of obtaining tunable structures based on adjustment of the synthesis conditions, besides the lack of toxicity and the biodegradability properties, recommend this type of materials for loading with a great diversity of active molecules. The real challenges represent the obtaining of new materials with various properties and structures and loading with a complex mixture of bioactive compounds from plant extracts. The mesoporous-suport material synthesized is a sophisticated delivery system with significantly improved results on bioavailability and modulation of release kinetics. The obtained mesoporous materials were characterize using B.E.T. method and FT-IR analysis. To investigate the effect of pore size (3,16 nm; 6,54 nm; 5,84 nm) and specific surface area- SSA (897,4 m2/g; 528,4 m2/g; 504,2 m2/g) value on release profile, three types of mesoporous materials with different structural properties were loaded with standardized chestnut extract (Castanea sativa) using concentration gradient method.


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