Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering

ISSN: 2165-784X

Open Access

Impact of Indoor Physical Environment on Employee Productivity after Pandemic Period the Case of Arab Bank Jordan


Mohammad Mahmoud Mraweh Alkhatib and Parastoo Pourvahidi

Corona virus has changed the way of life and generally effects the expectations of employees in what they expect from office environments while they are returning to the physical office. Since, their time in the office is limited after the pandemic and most of the workers should be in office on rotation, therefore worker in the partial of time should have maximum productivity. One of the major determinants of employee productivity is the indoor physical environment. Today, organizations can improve their outcomes significantly when adequate attention is paid to promote the indoor workplace environment. This research aims to examine the effect of the workplace environment on the productivity of employees working in the ARAB bank in Jordan. Primary data was used in a form of self-reporting questionnaires distributed to 382 employees of ARAB bank in Jordan, 322 were analyzed using the version 26 of SPSS software. Outcomes of the research reveal that the indoor environment has a compelling impact on the employees' self-assessed productivity. The research is carried out during the Corona virus pandemic hence it is shared that most employees were working from home during the data collection phase.


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