Abnormal and Behavioural Psychology

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Illicit Drugs among Crashed Drivers, A First Toxicological Investigation in Albania


Linda Matua, Bledar Xhemali, Mirnela Koçibelli, Besnik Jucja and Gentian Vyshka*

This study aims to investigate the presence of drugs in this group of drivers who already had a crash (injured or killed drivers). By law, the prosecutor is the authority who requests the toxicological examination specifying the type of analysis that will be performed, usually only alcohol test is required. There has been some investigation regarding the influence of alcohol in traffic crashes in Albania (3,190,089 inhabitants), but never a research regarding the use of illicit and medicinal drugs in drivers in our country. Alcohol was analyzed in blood by head-space gaschromatography. Blood samples were also screened for psychoactive substances (opiates, cocaine metabolites, cannabis, amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, tricyclic antidepressants, barbiturates) by immunological methods.     Their presence was confirmed by gas-chromatography. Overall, 82 car drivers were included in the study. Drivers involved in accidents were more frequently men 98.8% (n=81). 46 drivers (56.1%) had a positive blood alcohol concentration at the time of the crash, but only 23 (28%) had toxic concentrations exceeding 1.2 g/l. In total, 15.9% were positive for illicit drugs and medicinal drugs. This study revealed that beside alcohol, psychoactive substances were present in Albanian crashed drivers, too.


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