Telecommunications System & Management

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How will disruptive technologies change business models of the future? Which is the next industry disrupted by Big Data and AI?


Dr. Marcell Vollmer

Marcell Vollmer will discuss how the digital economy is revolutionizing business models and how to run the customer centric enterprise processes. Sharing insights from innovations such AI, ML, Blockchain and IoT and new applications including chatbots. He will inspire you to think of the new ways you can drive value for your business and the become more customer centric in all processes. As former C-Level Executive at SAP, Marcell redefined business models, delivered innovations and transformed global organizations towards a strategic, end-to-end driven customer- centric organization leveraging automation, process mining and artificial intelligence.


In this keynote he will share insights on successful transformations of business models and how to scale by adapting the digital transformation with AI and ML to prepare for the future


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