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How Hybrid Cloud Accelerates Enterprise Cloud Transformation?


Rupal Shirpurkar

A Enterprises are increasingly adopting a hybrid cloud approach that includes one or more cloud providers along with on-premises infrastructure. A hybrid cloud approach offers the best path to the cloud, and a way to optimize your existing assets. Click2Cloud Multi cloud management platform makes cloud adoption fast and easy, allowing you to optimize the value of existing on-premises infrastructure, while confidently leveraging the same tools, technologies and skills in the cloud. Choosing the right hybrid cloud solution is an important step in your digital transformation. The hybrid platform is a strategic choice for forward-leaning organizations that are looking for a long-term, powerful solution to innovation, flexibility, and control across their on-premises and cloud environments. Ready to start your cloud journey? Easily migrate your workloads to the AWS, Alibaba, Huawei, GCP, Telefonica Cloud with two months free. Gain rapid scalability, deployment in 60+ global data centers and access to industry-leading disaster recovery, backup, security and compliance solutions from an array of ecosystem partners. Cloud adoption continues to accelerate, as the cloud is increasingly seen as the key to business technology transformation. ***GO FURTHER, FASTER WITH HYBRID CLOUD*


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