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Factors Affecting the Selection of Entrepreneur Projects for ‘Mobaderoon’ Program


Wasim Ismail Al-Habil and Tariq Adel Thabet

This study examines the selection criteria and the screening stages of entrepreneur projects in order to attract the most suitable people and projects for benefiting from Incubation Programs under study. It also aims at determining the criteria that contribute to choosing the entrepreneur projects and people. Due to the nature of the study, the researchers used the descriptive analytical approach. The study population includes all the people whose ideas participated in the screening and selection stages for the Mobaderoon Project in its first and second phases by using complete census sampling. The total number of the study population is 110 people (60 projects). The members of the study population went through different stages of screening and selection (Primary screening-interviews-plans evaluation). This was achieved by distributing (110) questionnaires to the entire study population, (80) of which were collected back with a percentage of 72.7%. The study findings show a statistically significant relationship between the factors affecting the choice of entrepreneur projects (Originality of the idea, specialization\education, gender, professional experience, capability of implementation, feasibility study, marketing study, technical study, financial study, and work team) and the success of choosing these projects in the Mobaderoon Program. The findings also reveal that four of these factors contribute with a percentage of 75% to the success of selecting the entrepreneur projects in the following order: work team, the financial study, the marketing study, and finally the originality of the idea. The remaining factors affect the success of selection by 25% only.


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