Journal of Nursing & Care

ISSN: 2167-1168

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Factors affecting Quality of Life among Elderly People aged 60 to 75 years in Islamabad


Amar Javed, Muhammad Abdullah and Faisal Ameen

Background: The aim of the study is to assess and collect data related to the quality of life of elderly people. 1. To assess quality of life among elderly aged 60-75 years in semi-urban regions of Islamabad. 2. Identify the factors that affect the quality of life of old people in these regions. 3.Discuss the association between the factors identified in the study. 4. Assess the quality of satisfaction about their quality of life.

Material and Method: The study is a cross-sectional design. The target population is the elderly people of age 60 years and above that are residing in Islamabad. The data is collected using pre-tested WHO tool for assessment of quality of life in four domains: 1. Physical; 2. Psychological; 3. Social; 4. Environment

Results:  Total 206 participants of age 60-75 took part.  The results are analyzed using SPSS and the level of QOL is determine by the responses. About 20.4 % and 24.3% of the participants were having a very poor and poor quality of life respectively. Whereas 41.3% of them neither rate it as good or bad.

 Conclusion: This study is a small step ahead to establish some basis and address the fact that the elderly people of our society are struggling with their everyday life. Through, study an attempt is made to educate the people about elderly life issues and identify areas which should be addressed properly.

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