Journal of Animal Health and Behavioural Science

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Evaluation of ???MozziQuit??? Mosquito Trap Device in the Control of Mosquitoes and other Nematoceran Insects benefiting Increase in Milk Yield and Weight of Bovines


Ignatius Orwin Noronha

All warm blooded vertebrates are affected. In large populations Mosquitoes cause irritation and extensive blood loss to livestock resulting in anemia, reduced productivity of milk and sometimes even death. Mosquitoes are a great nuisance and their bites do cause painful reactions making cows panic. They also play an important role as intermediate hosts and as vectors in several important parasitic and viral diseases of domestic animals and man viz., filariosis, Canine heart worm disease, Malaria, dengue, chikungunya, equine viral encephalitis etc. The Author and the Managing Director of Leowin Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the Innovator of “MozziQuit” mosquito trap device priced Rs. 1,800/- per unit inclusive of 18% GST which attracts, traps and kills female mosquitoes every day in large numbers at lowest operating cost of less than 10 paisa per day without use of any chemicals or consumables or emission of any UV Radiation very safe for use in cow sheds. “MozziQuit” device was evaluated to find the possibility of its use for providing relief to cows and animals in live farms. In this study reveals relief to workers in cow shed from mosquito bites besides increase in Milk Yield as well as increase in Weight of Bovines after using “MozziQuit” in cow shed as the cows get maximum relief by trapping and killing of biting mosquitoes by “MozziQuit” device every day.


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