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Evaluate the efficacy of Darvyadi lauha(A herbo mineral compound) in the management of hepatocellular jaundice(Kamala) and hepato-protective activity in paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity- A randomised controlled clinical


Arshathjyothi P S

Statement Introduction: Liver diseases cause significant mortality and morbidity not only in Indian population but also in world. Due to the changing lifestyle the liver is affected even in early adolescence itself, so an excellent Yakrut uthejaka dravyas (hepato-protective drugs) are need of the hour. It was observed in some cases that the liver injury even with herbal preparations. 2017 world journal of hepatology had published Ayurveda drug induced liver injury. The title of the study is to ‘Evaluate the efficacy of Darvyadi lauha in the management of hepatocellular jaundice (Kamala) and hepatoprotective activity in paracetamol induced hepatotoxicity- a randomised controlled clinical.Methodology;A combination of experimental and clinical study. In primary study efficacy of Darvyadi lauha as a hepatoprotective drug explored in the paracetamol induced Wistar rats.30 rats were classified under five groups. After assessment liver parameters, antioxidant potential and hepatocyte structures found significant changes in Darvyadi lauha treated group. Clinical study conducted in hepato- cellular jaundice patients Results; Darvyadi lauha at 400mg/kg body weight have shown promising results hepatoprotective activity against Paracetamol induced hepatic damage. The drug is having significant antioxidant potential. 400mg/kg body weight drug group almost resolved paracetamol induced hepatic damage


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