Journal of Oncology Translational Research

ISSN: 2476-2261

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Etiopathogenesis of Central Nervous System Gliomas


Hernando Rafael

There is much evidence that gliomas are caused by progressive ischemia, followed by increasing and prolonged hypoxia very close to the subventricular zone. In this way, hypoxia on immature glial cells is the primary cause in gliomas genesis. The ischemic process caused by atherosclerosis, anatomical variants of the arteries in the affected area and associated with carcinogenic agents are the harmful factors. While cytotoxic hypoxia triggers a reactive oxygen species (ROS) overproduction in the glial progenitor cells. Consequently, cellular impairment caused by ROS alters the cell cycle phases and provokes genesis of low-grade glioma. Subsequently, its progression causes angiogenesis and higher-grade cancer cells. Then, the vascular recanalization through aspirin is the indicated therapy to reduce the ischemic process by increasing blood flow and oxygen in the affected zone. Therefore, we must fight against the genesis of atherosclerosis and thus decrease the incidence of “neurodegenerative” diseases and cancer.


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