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ISSN: 2167-0919

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Enabling inclusion and citizenship with Cloud Computing Technologies, Cognitive Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence


Lucio Adolfo Meurer

The state of São Paulo is the most populous in Brazil, with 46 million inhabitants and generating one third of the total wealth produced in the country. Among the services provided to the population by the State Government, the issuance and renewal of documents of Identity and Driver License are the most required. Given the number of citizens who require them every day, scheduling interviews for issuing and renewing these documents is a considerable logistical challenge. The Government has a network of Citizen Service Centers where these documents are issued, and over the past few years, the need to automate and ensure prerequisite compliance at the first interview has become a major goal for the government. To address this situation, a chatbot-automated attendance system, delivered through cloud technologies, based on cognitive services has been developed, allowing citizens not only to schedule interview for document issuance but also to ensure that all required fees and certificates are met. This chatbot system showed a historic record of 505,372 interviews scheduled in a single day. The system in question allowed over 90% of assertiveness, preventing a second interview from being necessary due to lack of information or absence of required certificates. Considering that the lower income population in the

state needs to take about four bus or train reides to attend interview, the assertiveness and guarantee of having your document issued in the first interview is no longer just an indicator of government effectiveness but, an inclusion factor for all sections of population.


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