Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Efficacy of Stress among Mature People of Selected Old Age Home, Kancheepuram


Bharathi AR*

Stress is an important factor when it comes to ageing. Stress puts man at risk of going through ageing process while age also puts man at risk of stress in other way round. A pre experimental study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of “Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation technique” to reduce stress among elderly people of at Ekanapuram Village, Kanchipuram District, and Tamilnadu. The samples above 60 years were selected by Convenience sampling technique Chronic stress and immune system are inter related when it comes to general wellbeing of the body, though it depends partly on the individual nature but chronic stress worsens the state of immune system. And also relationship between stress and ageing is so complex to define but ability to cope with stress determines how successful the ageing would be. In posttest 68.3% had mild stress, 21.7% had no stress and 5% had moderate stress. The analysis revealed that the mean value 21.9167 with SD 4.88266 of pretest and the mean value 15.7667 with SD 4.78165 posttest projects ‘t’ value of 29.381 was statistically significant (P<0.05) (i.e P=0.0001). It indicates that the intervention was effective in reducing stress among elderly people.


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