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Efficacy of PNS guided PEC-I and SAP block for post-operative analgesia in MRM - A randomized controlled study


Ananda Jyothi.V.M

Breast cancer is very common in women and it requires surgical intervention ranging from lumpectomy to modified radical mastectomy (MRM). Regional blocks for postoperative analgesia play a major role in the prevention of postoperative complications. Pectoral nerve block (PEC I) and Serratus anterior plane block (SAP) given under PNS guidance are simple yet effective newer techniques to provide post-operative analgesia in breast surgery. The primary aim is to evaluate the efficacy of PNS guided PEC I and SAP block for postoperative analgesia in MRM intending to maintain VAS Score ≤4 in the first 24 hours. Considering the admission rate, a study was conducted in 60 patients taking 5 patients/ month of ASA II & III planned for MRM. Patients were randomly allocated to two groups with 30 patients in each group.


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