Veterinary Science & Technology

ISSN: 2157-7579

Open Access

Directional solar asymmetries in sound Pyrenean Catalan horses


Par├â┬ęs Casanova Pere M* and L├â┬│pez-Navarro

Most published attempts to quantify equine hoof form are based on lineal and angular measurements. Here we applied geometric morphometric methods to study shape variation of hoof outlines in a sample of 25 distal forelimbs (13 right and 12 left). Limbs belonged to sound “Cavall Pirinenc Català” horse, an equine meat local breed from Pyrenees, slaughtered in an abattoir. The outline of each hoof was represented by a set of two landmarks and 86 semi-landmarks. Results reflected directional asymmetric, e.g. consistent differences between medial and lateral contours for all four limbs. Right limbs tended to supinate (rotation of medial wall towards out), while left limbs tended to pronate (rotation of lateral wall towards in). Such morphological adjustments may be an important consideration for hoof practitioners and may imply an important reconsideration of “normal” feet evaluation.


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