Journal of Textile Science & Engineering

ISSN: 2165-8064

Open Access

Digital Image Processing Techniques: A Versatile System for Textile Characterization


Singh JP, Anuhbav G, Aprajita A, Himanshi S and Vandana J

Digital image processing has been utilised widely in manufacturing for accurate automated inspection. Image processing is one such technique that involves computer processing of pictures or images that have been converted to numerical form. This paper presents a critical review of the exhaustive work of digital image processing and analysis and their application to measure twist and its distribution in yarns, weave pattern, yarn colour. Techniques of spatial & frequency domain use to extract twist angle and orientation of fibre on yarn surface respectively. Characteristics of weave extracted by Obliqueness (OB) and Orthogonality (OR) and yarn color design obtained by transmitted and reflected images.


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